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Penlac antifungal nail polish lacquer is the first ever FDA approved topical treatment for nail fungus infections. Penlac is an odorless clear lacquer applied daily to infected finger or toe nails. If you suffer from the embarrassing problem of thickened, mishaped, discolored nails due to fungus infections, Penlac nail lacquer may be the answer.   ldara cream is the newest FDA-approved antiviral treatment for genital warts. Aldara cream is a transparent cream applied before bedtime 3 times/ week that treats genital warts. Aldara cream, unlike other genital warts treatment, can be applied by the patient in the privacy of his or her home.  Diflucan is a medical breakthrough for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections. No more messy creams or Monostat. Just one oral dose of a 150 mg Diflucan pill and get relief within 24 hours from the itching and burning of vaginal yeast infections due to Candida. Vaniqa cream is a NEW first-of-its-kind prescription creamed approved by the FDA to treat women's unwanted facial hair. Vaniqa cream inhibits the growth of facial hair and treats hirsutism. No more need for tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams, or expensive laser hair removal.  RENOVA cream is the only FDA-approved treatment for wrinkles and aging skin. RENOVA is medically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade brown spots and smooth roughness and restore a vibrant healthy glow. RENOVA specifically formulated for aging skin - more effective than Retinol and more moisturizing than Retin A  Periostat is NEW medical breakthrough treatment for periodontal disease. The only prescription pill to help you keep your teeth. Conventional dental treatment treat the disease with dental cleaning scaling and root planing from the Outside In....Periostat treats periodontal gum disease from the INSIDE out. Periostat address the tissue-destroying host immune response of overproduction of tissue-destroying enzymes. Periostat treatment used in conjunction with professional dental scaling and root planing helps STOP the progression of periodontal disease and tooth loss.  Prevident 5000 Plus and Prevident Gel are 1.1% sodium fluoride topical fluorides to prevent tooth decay, cavities and to strengthen enamel. Prevident is available by prescripiton only - a prescriptoin toothpaste or gel applied once daily at home. Within in 3 months clinical studies have shown significant remineralization of enamel, prevention of cavities and stopping tooth decay..  Health Care Job Bank Gobal Resume Exchange database with the primary focus on Healthcare, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. Healthcare Job Bank specialize in finding nurse emplyment, LVN, Doctors, LPN and RN jobs, for all nursing areas of employment and specialties, with our professional nurse job staffing. Jobs can be posted on our Nursing jobs lists for medical jobs including nurse emplyment with hospitals, doctor jobs, travel nurse agencies and RN Jobs in health care. 123-Health-Insurance - We help you understand your insurance options, help you obtain the best price and most important advise you when you suffer a covered offer all types of insurance - Individual health insurance, Family health insurance, Dental Discount insurance. Hair Loss Central - Hair Loss Central is a directory and search engine for hair loss products and services. Contents include: hair growth treatments, hair loss concealers, toupee, wigs, hairpieces, vitamins for hair loss, hair care tips and hair transplant surgeon's directory. Online consultations for Avodart (dutasteride), Propecia, 15% Minoxidil, 2% Nizoral for Male Pattern Hairloss. Stop Balding - grown your own hair. Online consultation only $49.95. No medicatin purchase required, YOU CHOOSE THE PHARMACY. Express 24 hour service! One of my favorite garage rock traditions is when the folks singing backup sound like they’ve knocked back a couple of shots before taking the mic. Such is the case in the title track to Trent Fox and the Tenants‘ forthcoming 7-inch, Mess Around. There’s also some excellent surf-styled guitar holding it all together, making for a single that I’m looking forward to hearing all of. It’s coming out on Wisconsin’s Kind Turkey Records, and being as how the label and band both hail from that state, the release is on Packer-colored vinyl. That’s right: the first 100 are on yellow vinyl, with green labels, to honor the green and gold. The Packers were NFC champions when this went to press, and now they’re Superbowl champions, so this is a nice bit of luck for the folks for fans of the band and the team. Pre-order’s up now on Kind Turkey’s website, and the record’s due out February 22. If you order, you’ll get an instant download of the 7-inch, and it’ll ship on the 21st. Pre-orders are limited to 70 copies, so I’d close your online bingo tabs & get on that pronto, especially if you want the limited Packer colors. There is a number of reasons for that. We do not spend anything on marketing, there are no taxes to be paid as the product comes into the country unregistered, the manufacturer is located in an offshore zone and the production costs are way lower. No child labor is used.